Print Materials


Epson Exhibition Satin Canvas:

An acid-free, lignin-free heavyweight cotton-poly blend, this elegantly textured

canvas features a semi-gloss satin surface with a bright white point,

exceptionally high Dmax and wide color gamut. The canvas base is enhanced with

elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery-

wrap stretching without cracking.

  • - Satin Surface

  • - High Dmax

  • - Wide Color Gamut

  • - 430 gsm Weight

  • - 23 mil Thickness

Matte Paper:

Epson Enhanced Matte

This paper is a thinner less expensive paper yielding highly saturated images, while maintaining escellent highlight and shadow detail

       -Thickness: 10.3 mil
       -Basis weight: 192 gsm
     -ISO brightness: 104%

      -Opacity 94 %