I began to paint after a traumatic brain injury I experienced at the age of 16. I have been inspired beyond words to portray the visions and dreams I have experienced ever since. These “Visions” I would describe as rooted in a spiritual experience. Along with this, I’ve grown up with such a love for the mountains and wilderness of Utah and surrounding areas; As well as growing up with horses that have had a huge influence on my life. I would say these things are the major building blocks of what I am driven to express through art. 

                As part of my brain injury I lost my sense of smell for 6 months or so, and it has been touch and go ever since. I began painting with essential oils mixed in my paint as a form of aroma therapy. using these oils has helped rush in my sense of smell and usually spurs creation.

“Beyond our worries and fears, beyond our thoughts dreams and beliefs; there is an essence within us more beautiful than anything we can imagine.”


The Ryan Glasmann Collection